The Divine WiFi team has immense gratitude and passion for the opportunity to share our work with others.



In my meditations directed by Divine WiFi I could dive in a another dimension of being, as if a door opened and leaded me to my inner self.

I felt I am not alone and everything is connected, all nature and other humans, because I understood everything is energy and everything and everybody is part of this huge energy.

I could transform this feelings to an knowing deep inside me and take it over to my normal and daily life, to a more fulfilled life with a new way of seeing and understanding.

I am so grateful that I was lead into that healing, that I am one of this whom could go this easier way for myself to reconnect. In honor and respect for this sacred and old wisdom which needs to be protected in gratefulness. AHO!


--  Anabela --

The Divine Wifi Meditation with Atom opened for me new channels and showed me a higher dimension. It is one of the most beautiful inner journey I have ever experienced and I kept reminding it when “reality” tries to bring me down. Through this experience I got a deeper understanding of the present moment. I was surprised that I managed to sit for more than 8 hours and meditate because I tend to move a lot.

Atom can create a great atmosphere and make people feel very comfortable.


--  Ewelina  --

My first experience with Divine Wifi Meditation was with the guidance of the shaman Atom. My experience was colorful, multi-layered, deep and ultimately I gained deeper understanding on the workings of my mind and an even stronger manifestation of humbleness and thankfulness.

Thank you Atom, for your incredibly helpful teachings, your support throughout the process and dedication to spread this important knowledge to a wider audience.


--  Victoria  --

The meditation sessions at Divine Wifi offer an opportunity to go deep into oneself in a safe environment. Being guided and sharing within a closed group the personal experience allows the unfolding process to be enriched. Getting to know oneself better through the narratives of others is just one of the unexpected but natural outcomes and knowing the other by recognizing their experience within yourself is another.


--  Paul  --

 I have done various meditation ceremonies with Atom. He does a wonderful job at creating an atmosphere and context that allows deep exploration of our minds and consciousness. I highly recommend it to anyone.


--  Brian  --

 I am in touch with DW since over 2 years right now. Before that I never meditated... All my friends and colleagues and myself noted that I changed a lot...

I meditate 15mins every morning and try to participate in Divine Wifi Meditation every 6 months...it makes me always more and more a happy man.


--  Piotr  --