Book of Changes

Private oracle consultation with Atom


Are you ready to peek into your future, regarding your spiritual growth and the best attitude to face what has been troubling you in real life? The I-Ching, means ‘Book of Changes’ and is believed to be the world’s oldest oracle and  was developed from a shamanistic oracular practice that was, in all probability, introduced to ancient China from Mongolia. It would later become a tool for predicting the destinies of individuals.


To receive answers that are to the point, it is important to formulate your inquiry as specifically and as clearly as you can. A well-formulated inquiry brings you closer to response. Vague, equivocal, or overly complicated wording will yield an unclear, incomprehensible or senseless response. The question should be specific about the situation, the time, and your expectations.


30min / 34 € - Via Skype or in person in Lisbon and Berlin at specific dates.